Thursday, June 21, 2007

Kisses for Scarlett

Kanyon, every so often, will climb up on the couch with the boppy and ask to hold Scarlett. He knows to grab the boppy because it's the only way we'll allow him to hold her all by himself. With us close by, of course...

I remember with Kanyon feeling sadder and sadder as he got older in the first few months because I missed my little newborn baby. This time around, however, I'm more and more excited each day that I see Scarlett learning new things, growing, and beginning to interact with Kanyon. He can instantly get a smile out of her when he comes over and says, "Hi, sister!"

I love that he can love her so purely even though she turned his life upside-down. ;)


The Carrie Collection said...

Kanyon is so sweet! They are seriously too cute! That's cool that you are getting into photo shop. It's amazing the stuff you can do on it.

Binns Family said...

Meghan, great blog...I finally figured out that you are Dog Shipp on Carrie's links. Cute Family...looks like you guys are having a fun summer.