Monday, March 12, 2007

Backyard Fun

Kanyon had a ball playing outside this weekend! We didn't intend to buy this new little tikes outdoor playset, but when we went to Toys R Us to check it out, they actually had it in stock at that moment and it rarely happens. So, we decided just to get it now. Kanyon played for 2 hours outside yesterday after church... and I had to drag him in screaming for dinner. Can't wait to live outside this week since the weather is supposed to be so great!
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Lindsey Lee said...

HI Meghan! Its Lindsey Mackay. Jenn finally got her blog together and so i checked out yours and i LOVE it. Serisouly, how cute is your nursery? How did you do those cute letters? Oh man, we definately need to have a craft day/playdate. You and Jenn have so many cute ideas! Anyways, have a good one and hopefully we will see you soon! P.S. You look great for 8 months preggo!

Haley said...

Meghan, I can't believe Kanyon broke his toe! (it's Haley Warner, by the way) - I'm sending your disc to you today!