Sunday, March 18, 2007

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

We had a fun day outside today and spent some time with Maya and Aliyah (Kanyon's cousins) while Ken and Babata went out to dinner. Kanyon and Maya are such good little friends now. It's cute to see them play. Kanyon will grab Maya's hand and take her to where he wants to go. She's a pretty good sport most of the time. ;)

Aliyah was so good and Steve got her giggling and having a great time outside too. Kanyon and Maya are just 4 months apart and it will be the same for Aliyah and Scarlett (once she arrives). I love to see these kids growing up playing together and being such good buddies!

Kanyon also was practicing giving kisses. He can pucker his little lips now and was in a kiss giving mood yesterday. Steve got kisses as well as me and baby Scarlett. Kanyon also knows right were "the baby" is and points to my belly all the time. I would imagine it's partially because you can't seem to miss it anymore!

I'm so sad it's a blurry picture, but I couldn't get Kanyon to do it on command after being so generous! He has a mind of his own now!

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Lindsey Lee said...

Hey Meghan. I dropped off your disc of pictures for my sister yesterday. She also wanted me to tell you that if you need anything airbrushed in case you want to enlarge something, just let her know!! Kanyon is so darn cute!