Sunday, May 1, 2011

It felt like Spring...

IMG_0853edit sm WM
...but just for a minute because yesterday morning we had another 5 inches or so of snow on the ground. (Thankfully it was fully melted by the afternoon, but that doesn't mean that there weren't more snow flurries throughout the day! :/)  The picture above is Kanyon's bird feeder he made in preschool.  The birds have really enjoyed it. 

Cohen likes playing out in the backyard. Especially in the wheelbarrow full of mud/water. Yay. Here he was after a few minutes outside unsupervised. :P
IMG_0849edit sm WM
We had to hose him down and get him right in the bath. Steve has now been given the assignment of getting rid of that mess in the wheelbarrow. ;)

Kanyon and Scarlett...
IMG_0860edit sm WM
They are such good little buddies. They play so well together that I don't really get hounded every day by them asking for a friend to play.  Don't get me wrong... they definitely have their moments with each other... but I really love that about having my kids so close in age.  Lately too Steve and I have been noticing that Scarlett and Cohen will play together so well.  The age gap is beginning to lessen with those two now that Cohen is getting older.  It makes me excited for them and for the relationship that Cohen and Kelan are sure to have for only being 15 months apart.

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Team O'Connor said...

Hahaha. All kids need to get hosed off on the porch from time to time :) That's how you know you had a good time.