Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Babies

I always refer to my two littlest boys as the babies.  You know, like...

"Kanyon and Scarlett, be quiet because the babies are sleeping!"

They really are my babies.  Cohen will be a baby to me for as long as Kelan is just because he missed out on a lot of his time as the baby with Kelan coming along so quickly. 

Here are my babies being so cute together a couple of days ago... 
Cohen actually asked to hold Kelan.  That was a first!
IMG_0945edit BW sm WM
IMG_0947edit BW sm WM
I was so happy to see Cohen back to himself because this was him earlier this week...
IMG_0934edit sm WM
IMG_0935edit sm WM
You know when this kid is asking for me to make him a bed on the couch and he lays there perfectly still that something is definitely not quite right. He never stops moving and a few days ago he actually fell asleep laying there.  It was a weird bug he had because he would be happy and play great and then hit a wall and lay on the couch like this... then he'd go running like he was fine again.  The only sign that he wasn't feeling good was a real low fever.  I'm glad it didn't spread to anyone else though and he bounced back quickly.  

While Cohen was laying on the couch, Kelan was on the floor...
Kelan has been holding his own bottle for a while now and it's so nice for when I need him to eat, but I also have 3 other little ones that need to eat as well... everyone can be happy at the same time!  And believe me, this was a welcome change because lunch time could be a bit chaotic at times!

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Team O'Connor said...

For some reason I always associate Cohen with Troy when he was younger. He seems kinda mischievous like Troy was from the blog posts :) I hope you had a great Mother's Day!