Saturday, April 16, 2011

Happy Birthday, Scarlett!

Can you believe that this baby girl...
IMG_0556 edit sm WM
Is now this little 4 year old girl??? *sniff*
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It's killing me how fast she is growing up.  I just want time to stop right here with her.  Steve even told me on her birthday that he expects Kanyon to grow up because he's the oldest, but now Scarlett is growing up too and it's throwing him off.  I totally get that.

She had a definite opinion on her party... from the cake to who she was inviting.  I really had to cut the list down because I could not have that many little kids over for a party.  I guess she's my little social butterfly with all these friends.

Here is the invite that I sent out...
IMG_0509edit sm WM 
I saw this idea here.  I had to try it because it just looked so fun!  It turned out really cute, except that some didn't work so well (Destiny!) and others worked too well (my friend, Michelle, opened it in her car... oops!!).  Basically, it's one of those spring-loaded confetti bursts.  But, I replaced their lame confetti for my own and included an invitation that popped out too.  I had Kanyon video Scarlett and I opening an extra one, but I haven't got the video uploaded yet.  Check back, I'll try and get it soon.  That one on video worked really well!  I was a little nervous giving these to girls who's parents I didn't know because I didn't want to make them mad with the mess they made!  Oh well... no one complained.  ;)
Scarlett picked this "Barbie" cake for me to do... and when she saw it she said... "Ohmygoodness!  She's SO beautiful!"  That made all the effort worth it.  I remember my mom made a similar one for one of my birthdays.  The only part that isn't cake is the actual doll.
IMG_0577edit sm WM
IMG_0580edit sm WM
A first at using fondant too, so that was an adventure.  Not as hard as I thought it would be, however!  Thankfully this cake didn't really require that "smooth" look, as I'm sure that would have been much harder.
IMG_0586edit FG sm WM
This little girl was ready for her party!  I made the party hat and she loved it.
IMG_0598edit sm WM
IMG_0592edit sm WM
Some party favors...
One of the games... "Pin the 4 on Scarlett".
IMG_0590edit sm WM
IMG_0591edit sm WM
I wish I could have pictures of the actual party, aside from the blowing out the candles stuff... but I'm usually running the show and it's easier to do without the camera in my hands.  And with my camera... it's a little hard to just hand it over for anyone to work it.

Scarlett talking to Jen and Paityn.  She sure missed her best buddy, Presley, there but she had a yucky cough that day.
IMG_0600edit FG sm WM
Lighting the candles...
IMG_0601edit sm WM
Let the "I'm-embarrassed-because-I'm-the-center-of-attention-right-now,-but-I-love-it" face begin...
IMG_0604edit FG sm WM
You can see a similar face on her other birthdays... here and here.
Her one on her 2nd birthday still cracks me up. :)

Blowing out the candles...
IMG_0607edit sm WM
Eating cake and ice cream...
Savannah, Scarlett, and Paityn.
Isabelle and Adilyn.
Kanyon and Maya.
Janice and Aliyah.
IMG_0610edit FG sm WM
IMG_0612edit FG sm WM
IMG_0617edit FG sm WM
IMG_0619edit sm WM
Some family at the party...
Aunt Alex, the representation for my side of the family.
Alli and Uncle James... 
IMG_0621edit BW sm WM
IMG_0622edit FG sm WM
Cohen... sporting some of the fun party prizes from the games.  The stick on earrings were a favorite of his and he kept them on the entire night.
IMG_0626edit FG sm WM
IMG_0630edit FG sm WM
It was a successful party... Scarlett had a great time and received lots of gifts that she loved.  There wasn't really a "theme" this year... Really out of character for me.  I guess I didn't want to do a full-on Barbie theme because that didn't seem fun to me and I had seen so many other cute ideas with the #4 that I just focused on that a bit more instead.

I have to say since we eliminated boys (except for her brothers) this time for her party, it was the quietest party I've ever had at my house!  We may be having many, many more girl only birthday parties in the future!  ;)


A few more pictures from Scarlett's actual birthday which was Sunday, the 10th...
We have church at 9am, so as painful for a 4 year old as it sounds... she had to wait until after church to open her presents from her family.  Lucky for us, she didn't even realize that there were more gifts to open!

She opened a gift from her great Grandpa and Grandma Sonnenberg... she was thrilled as you can see!
IMG_0642edit FG sm WM
She got a card and a cute dress from her Grandpa Jim and YoungJa.  You can see that the princess card was loved!
IMG_0632edit FG sm WM
Cohen and Kelan gave her these little princess flip flops.  Now if only it would stay nice enough outside for her to wear them!
IMG_0646edit FG sm WM
Kanyon gave her the movie, Tangled.  I think he was just as excited as she was... he loves Flynn Rider and the horse, Maximus.  :)
IMG_0653edit FG sm WM
This Baby Alive was from Steve and I... she doesn't really need one more baby, but it was all she would ask for!
Cohen had a hard time understanding that it was Scarlett's birthday and not his.  He wanted to open presents.  Lucky for him, his birthday is in less than 2 weeks!  ;)
IMG_0659edit FG sm WM 

**Scarlett saw the doctor and here are her stats as a 4 year old:
          Weight:  34.2 lbs - 50%
          Height:  39 3/4 in - 55%
          Blood Pressure:  88/52

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Carrie said...

Wow, that is crazy that Scarlett is already 4! An all girl party sounds like so much fun :) Her cake was so cute and I love her little "embarrassed" faces. She looked so excited :)