Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Just 2 weeks?!?

Well, we're back.  And yes we were only gone 2 weeks.  Did it feel like much longer to anyone else?

(Scarlett's craft that she made with Grandma Brenda while out in Kauai... It's our family made from those things that fall from the coconut trees and a piece of driftwood.  Cute right?  We are pictured from left to right:  Scarlett, Kanyon, Kelan, Cohen, Dad, and Mom.  Don't you love Scarlett's grass skirt and little flower in her hair? <3 It actually survived the trip home in one piece.)
IMG_0409edit sm

Here are Steve and I's top 5 reasons why our trip to Hawaii felt like 2 years:

Kelan is crawling.  Yep, I know... 2 weeks in baby time is a long time!  He's army crawling and rocking back and forth on all 4s.  Not too long before it will be the real deal on hands and knees.  Am I ready for this???  Ack!

Cohen is talking SO much more.  3 word phrases, etc.  That sunshine out there must have been good for him.

All 4 of the kids were sick our first week there... complete with an ER visit for Kelan who was not breathing well (croup) and a pediatrician visit for both Kelan and Cohen.  Lots of prescriptions later and we were on the mend.

We've come home to a new semi-permanent houseguest.  Steve's little brother James is now living with us at least through the end of the semester of school.  He's been here for 2 whole weeks now (although we haven't!)

Steve's businesses are nothing like they were when we left... this one in particular makes things at home feel the most different, but I won't go into details right now.  This one may just be saved for another day.  And who knows... you may just one day read about it in Steve's book about how being an entrepreneur and starting your own businesses is more valuable and more expensive than a Harvard education several times over.  ;)

Oh and I guess there is a #6... Deron Williams was traded by the Jazz.  Steve was pretty shocked upon hearing this while gone.  :)  

I promise the trip did have some wonderful moments though and I'll be back to share those soon...  However, the whole family is totally jet-lagged and I've got some MAJOR unpacking to do.

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Jen Bird said...

I'm just glad you guys are home!!! I don't think I could hold Presley off any longer!! :) Hopefully we can get the kids together really soon!! (maybe tomorrow) :)