Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day...

With our Hawaii trip looming (read: a day or two away), Steve and I aren't going to be able to celebrate this year the way we normally would... but I did get around to making Kanyon and Scarlett's own Valentine's for their preschool classes. 

They turned out really cute.

Here is Scarlett's:
IMG_0106edit sm
IMG_0107edit sm
And Kanyon's. His was a card that opened:
IMG_0108edit sm
IMG_0109edit sm
IMG_0110edit sm
He did all his own artwork on the front (batman, spiderman, and robin)...and the little candy heart that he's holding in his picture says "I'm in Love".

They are really excited to give them to their friend's at school.

Poor Cohen and Kelan were neglected this year... but they are much harder to get good photos of.  I promise that I won't leave them out next year though!!  

To see the last 3 years of Valentine's Day cards I've sent, click here, here, and here. :)


Stinkerbell said...

So adorable! I hope when Cohen and Kelan are a little older you can take more pictures. I love the ones you take. :)

Melissa said...

Are you KIDDING me? These are flippin' A-DORABLE!!!! *LOVE*

Lillian said...

Those are darling! (The kids AND the cards!).

Caitlin said...

What a cute idea!!! That is so darling. I want to do that next year for Saxon.

Jen Bird said...

They are SO adorable!! I love how they turned out!!