Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Another Missing Tooth...

IMG_9908edit BW sm WM
But this time it was definitely not swallowed! :)
IMG_9901edit BW sm WM
IMG_9906edit BW sm WM
Poor kid... I can't help but want to rub chapstick on my computer screen because his lips look like they hurt!

We've got another very excited kid! Last night he said it was hanging by a string, so he pulled it out. I seem to recall a very similar experience when losing a tooth many years ago.

The Toothfairy visited once again and he's a little richer. :)

I can handle him losing bottom teeth... you almost don't notice it unless he smiles real big... but please hold off on the top teeth!! I am not ready for his little smile to change that much. <3


Anonymous said...

I can't believe our July '05 babies are losing teeth!!! Eeek!
Jacob hasn't lost any yet and I'm dreading the day it happens a little.
But I do love gap tooth smiles for pics. :)

Cristal Vazquez

Melissa said...

Wow! must be the Domino effect, huh? :) This doesn't even look like Kanyon to me. I think it is because the B&W pics make his eyes look brown to me. Love how excited he is!

Jen Bird said...

I just showed Paityn this picture...I think she's a little jealous! :) I love his little smile!!