Sunday, October 17, 2010


Friday night we went out as a family to the pumpkin patch. The kids see it a couple times a week when we drive by and have been watching all summer long as the pumpkins have grown, so they have been begging to go.

They had a petting zoo, tractor hay ride, maze for the kids, etc along with picking pumpkins. They seem to add something new and fun each year. Cohen would have been happy to hang out with the animals at the petting zoo the whole time... that's the reason he's not in the shot with the other 3 kids.
IMG_9248edit sm WM
We picked out perfect pumpkins... Cohen was actually really involved in picking them and bringing the ones he liked to us.
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On Saturday, we finally found some time to put our faces on some of the pumpkins. It's a temporary fix until we can actually carve them. We've done it too early in years past and the pumpkin faces have sunk in and fallen apart too quickly. The kids had a good time doing these though...
Don't mind Cohen, he had just woken up from his nap and was a little less than cooperative to just sit for a picture. ;)
IMG_9251edit sm WM
Kanyon with his spider pumpkin.
IMG_9256edit sm WM
Scarlett with her black cat pumpkin.
IMG_9254edit sm WM
Cohen with the skeleton and pirate pumpkins.
IMG_9252edit sm WM
IMG_9259edit sm WM
It's been a full weekend of fall activities and Saturday night we continued with dipping some caramel apples. The kids loved it and Cohen even participated. Due to the sticky nature of the activity... there are no pictures of the process. ;)
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This is the scent in my house lately too... Yum...
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I have a spooky tree on my table in my kitchen and Kanyon and Scarlett decorated it with some scary halloween themed pictures...
Here is one that Kanyon did of a skeleton. Cute, right? :)
IMG_9261edit sm WM
Can't believe that October is already half way over. Fall is going so fast which makes me sad because that means that Winter is just around the corner! :( I hope we can hang on to this nice 70 degree weather a little bit longer.


Mical said...

I LOVE the pumpkins! If it were me I would leave them as is. I despise carving pumpkins. Such a huge mess. yuck

Meghan said...

Ha, I'm with you on that one, Mical... however, my kids have already picked what they are carving on their pumpkins and Kanyon is SET on this dragon one. :P