Thursday, October 7, 2010

Helping Grandma

We had a Thanksgiving dinner (a bit early) on Sunday after watching this all weekend. James is going to miss having Thanksgiving with his family this year, so we were all happy to have it early. :)

Brenda is so good to let the kids help with whatever she is making. She made stuffing and jello the night before at my house. Cohen even helped stir and definitely loved feeling like a big boy helping like his older brother and sister.
IMG_9149edit sm WM
IMG_9155edit sm WM
IMG_9145edit sm WM
Scarlett is quite the helper... especially wiping the counters. I need to utilize this more often! ;)
IMG_9148edit BW sm WM
This was Kelan and I while all the cooking was taking place.
IMG_9152edit sm WM
IMG_9156edit BW sm WM
I wish I had enough patience everyday to let the kids help in the kitchen... but I know that's not totally realistic. But, this has inspired me to let them help more than I have in the past. :)


allison said...

is that a moby or a sleepy? either way, don't you love it???

Mical said...

You and me are the same in that department. Its hard to let go of the control. Good for you to let them!

Meghan said...

Allison- it's a sleepy... based off your recommendation! It's worked great and is really comfortable to wear for a long period!