Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dinner and Home Run Derby

We spent the night of Kelan's blessing up the canyon eating KFC, watching the kids play at the park and the boys play home run derby. Just for the record... James killed it. He beat his big bros by a long shot. ;) Too bad I didn't even get a shot of him hitting!

Here's Scott.
IMG_9105edit sm WM
Steve's turn.
IMG_9120edit sm WM
Brenda had a turn and did really good! Check out all that fall color in the trees too... it was really pretty up there, I need to go back and capture that a little better.
IMG_9129edit sm WM
The kids took turns too. It was tough because it was just a stick... not a real bat, so it was pretty skinny. Maya was first.
IMG_9134edit sm WM
Then Kanyon.
IMG_9139edit sm WM
And Scarlett even took a turn.
IMG_9141edit sm WM
IMG_9111edit sm WM
IMG_9101edit sm WM
IMG_9107edit sm WM
IMG_9109edit sm WM
Tehya was so funny carrying her little rabbit around everywhere...
IMG_9114edit sm WM
Scarlett and Aliyah are buddies lately... it's cute to watch them play together now.
IMG_9116edit BW sm WM
IMG_9118edit sm WM
Thank goodness for Alli (James' girlfriend)... she was really helpful with the little kids that wear us all out.
IMG_9143edit sm WM
It was a perfect night... perfect weather and so fun to be together.


Mical said...

I LOVE that place. Too bad it will probaby have snow on it when I see it again...well, at Thanksgiving at least. :)

Meghan said...

Yeeeaaahhh... probably not going to be playing at that park at Thanksgiving... ;) It's the same stick as what the boys played with that year that we were up there on the 4th though. :)