Sunday, October 10, 2010


Kelan sleeps best with his little hand up on his face like this.
IMG_9195edit BW sm WM
Specifically, he loves his right hand there... I know usually when he gets in that position, he's going to sleep for a good stretch.
He is growing up so fast. Can you believe in just over a week he'll be 2 months old?? I can't. It's flown by and he's not a tiny newborn anymore. I'm trying to enjoy every second.
He's officially lost most of his hair on top and what is left is pretty blonde. The back is still darker and mullet-like. Maybe he'll be like Scarlett and be mostly bald for his first 2 years.
IMG_9190edit FG sm WM
IMG_9189edit BW sm WM
He's beginning to enjoy just laying on the floor and kicking. It's too bad he can't do it more often because when Cohen is awake, it's a recipe for disaster. ;) We are doing more tummy time with him and he doesn't love it, but he is getting stronger and will soon start to enjoy it more once it's not so much hard work.
Do you notice his clogged tear duct? His poor little eye has been like that since about a week after he was born... far too long, in my opinion. At his 2 month appointment, we'll discuss what to do about it with his pediatrician... that is if it's still an issue. I have a feeling it will be. I look forward to seeing what he looks like without a goopy little red eye!


Mical said...

Bald boys are definately better than a bald girl,right? Ha!

I remember Cole had a plugged duct for quite awhile after he was born too. I hated it. But it cleared on its own. I have no idea when though....So this is why you should write stuff down....oh well.

Meghan said...

Yeah, bald boy is definitely better than bald girl. Maybe I should just buzz him and make it look intentional?? ;)

Lindsay said...

He's a doll Meghan. Such a cutie.