Saturday, October 16, 2010


We continued the tradition of going to eat at the Pizza Factory for lunch before sending off a missionary to the MTC. I remember being there when Steve left for New Hampshire (TEN years ago!) and also for Brenda and Barry when they left for Romania. This time it was James' turn and he's headed off to Texas after 3 weeks at the MTC.

The kids loved eating with their cousins...
IMG_9201edit BW sm WM
My family with James.
IMG_9207edit sm WM
And one without me because Cohen was actually paying attention. ;)
IMG_9205edit BW sm WM
The whole group - minus me... that's just the story of my life! :)
IMG_9208edit sm WM
Good luck to James!! We will miss him lots, but he is in our prayers and our kids' prayers every night. He's going to be an awesome missionary...

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