Monday, August 23, 2010

On the lights... again.

IMG_8864edit FG sm WM
After getting Kelan's heel pricked once again on Saturday... his bilirubin levels were still going up. So, home health brought the lights out to our house. At first we thought he might like them because he liked them in the hospital... but we were wrong. He hates them and it's been hard to keep him under them. We've been opting to lay him in the sun through a window instead because he seems to prefer that, when that option is available. We've completely given up at night keeping him in them because he would rather sleep snuggled up to me in my bed. I'll take that if he'll sleep soundly that way. I'm actually currently awaiting a phone call back from his pediatrician to see if the levels he got from being pricked this morning are okay to take him off. I can only hope.

So, because Kelan has these lights and it's kind of difficult keeping Cohen away from something so interesting... we've had to improvise.

Kelan is like an exhibit at the zoo for Cohen to oogle at. :) Whatever works, right? I just hope that Cohen doesn't learn to scale that crib anytime soon. He's so close that if he worked hard, he could probably do it.
IMG_8865edit FG sm WM
Cohen had us all laughing at him when he was smushing his face up against the mesh of the porta-crib...
IMG_8867edit FG sm WM
The kids thought Cohen was so funny, that they had to join in too.
IMG_8868edit FG sm WM
I asked Cohen if he wanted his picture taken and he nodded. It's a new thing, but he nods or shakes his head according to what he wants and it's really cute.
IMG_8869edit BW sm WM
I couldn't believe he actually held still willingly for me. Maybe he will get easier as he gets older. I've been beginning to wonder!


Babata said...

He is SO handsome! Such a sweet little boy!

allison said...

awww poor lil booger! hope he doesn't need them for long so you can snuggle him all you want!

Melissa said...

I remember those lights. WHAT.A.PAIN. I hope the heel pricks and lights are soon a distant memory. Love the closeup of C!

Jen Bird said...

I will pray for your sake that those lights don't last too long! What cute pictures and updates! I love all the ones that capture the day he was born! He's beautiful! Just like all your other kids!

Cindy S. said...

Such precious times....Beautiful kids :)

Heather Strong said...

I cannot believe that Cohen is a BIG brother! It feels like you just had him. You seem to bounce right back from your pregnancies so fast! That would be so hard to put a baby under those lights. Emmett was jaundice AT ALL and so I cannot even imagine what that must be like. Hopefully he does ok with it. :) He is so cute! It makes me excited to have another baby.