Monday, August 23, 2010

Home from the Hospital

IMG_8862edit sm WM
I got the okay to leave the hospital on Thursday morning, so I packed up and we were out of there by 10am. I enjoyed the break and some recovery time, but it's so nice to come home. Kelen had been on the lights in the hospital mostly because of the history with jaundice that my babies always seem to have. They tested him earlier than normal and he was high risk already, so we hoped the jumpstart on the lights would work and it did enough to send us home without the bilibed and biliblanket. Only time would tell if it would be enough to keep those things away permanently though.

The kids really wanted to hold Kelan all by their selves since I didn't let them at the hospital. I promised when we came home and had the boppy to help them, that they could. It was the first thing they wanted to do when we got home.
IMG_8853edit sm WM
IMG_8855edit sm WM
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Cohen went down for a nap right when we got home, so after he woke up a couple hours later, we were anxious to see how he would be with Kelan around. He ran from him room right to me and Kelan sitting on the couch. He immediately leaned his head down to give Kelan kisses and then he was off and running to the next thing. It was really sweet and Steve and I were really shocked that he even thought to do that instead of poke his eyes or something similar. Since we've been home, Cohen has been surprisingly gentle with his little brother... when he realizes that he's around, that is. ;) There are times when he climbs on the couch while I'm nursing and and jumps around and I have to shield Kelan from getting trampled. But, once he realizes that he's there, Cohen stops and touches his head or points at his eyes, etc. We don't leave Kelan just laying around ever when Cohen is awake though. I think we'll have to wait quite a bit longer for that to be an option.


allison said...

Kelan looks so sweet. Scarlett looks so proud in that pic of her holding him. Its amazing how kids just know to be gentle with babies.

Lindsay said...

So cute Meghan. All four of them. That little Cohen is a handsome little man! Kelan is adorable!