Sunday, August 1, 2010

Calling all Vikings...

We finally finished celebrating Kanyon's 5th birthday. It was drawn out throughout the last week and a half because July was such a busy month for us. He had his friend party here at our house on Saturday. Here is his birthday invitation that I made:

As you can see it was a "How to train your dragon" themed birthday party. I thought this idea would change since he saw the movie back in March... but he stuck with it! Kind of amazing for his age, I think.

The kids all spent some time decorating a viking shield, so when they were all done they put on their viking party hats and we took a group photo. Aren't they cute?
After the craft they ate pizza and grapes. Thanks to my sister-in-law, Babata, and my friend, Jen, for helping out. Serving 15 kids lunch was a task! My little Cohen was a full-time job for Steve throughout the party, so he was pretty tied up. After lunch, everyone had a cupcake. I made these mini versions of Kanyon's cake from last weekend... They turned out pretty cute! We fought a dragon pinata after eating... He ended up being be-headed. Kanyon got lots of great gifts from everyone and he loved them all. Thank you to everyone that came!! I think this year was his best turn out so far. Kanyon hasn't stopped talking about it. :)

Now, I'm trying to figure out a way to scale down the parties... Somehow I always seem to be planning parties when I'm about to have a baby and it's exhausting. Here's to hoping this is the last child's party that I'll be pregnant for! ;)

However, Scarlett is already planning hers for next April and there is talk of 2 different cakes... ha, yeah right!

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Jen Bird said...

It turned out so awesome!! I laughed at loud at the group shot! Something about Scarlett & Presley on the right made me laugh!! They're such cute friends! I'm glad he had such a fun party!