Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sonnenberg Family Reunion

There hasn't been a Sonnenberg Family reunion in way too long, so Steve's Aunt Janette was so great to plan one up at Bear Lake for everyone. Not many of the Sonnenberg's that live in Chicago were able to get out this way, but there was still a huge turn out and it was so much fun.

We only took one big group photo on Sunday after we had church and everyone had left already besides Brent's family and Jim's family... If I had known, I think we would have tried for a group photo the day before when everyone was still there.
All the great-grand children of John and Joyce Sonnenberg that were still there Sunday morning.
Here is Aunt Janette's cabin at Bear Lake where everything took place. It is beautiful and was a perfect location.
This waterslide was setup for the kids each day with a warm hose... it was definitely a hit and Steve wants one for our backyard now. ;)

You can see the guys on the left in the photo below playing badminton. Tons of activities were always going on.

Grandpa Sonnenberg and some of his great grandsons playing another game together.
Cohen and his second cousin, Adam, really took to each other. Cohen loved him and it was awesome because Adam playing with him really gave Steve and I a much needed break on occasion from chasing him around all day.

Grandma Sonnenberg gathering some toys for the kids.
Steve's cousin Nicole's little girl, Mikayla was so funny on the waterslide. She was too scared to go down the actual slide, but had no problem sliding down the side that you climbed up which was much steeper!

Grandma and Grandpa playing games.
How sweet are these two? I couldn't get enough of them.
Steve and I's nephew, Tyler. With that blonde hair and blue eyes he looks like he could join my little boys and fit right in. :)
On one of the days, Cohen was still asleep and Kanyon was on the boat with Steve when Scarlett woke up... so she and I had some time together. She didn't eat lunch before she napped, so here she is being silly for my camera while eating her lunch.

It never fails that Kanyon enjoys the hot tub more than most other things.

My sister-in-law, Babata, planned some really fun crafts for the kids. I'm glad she did because I think my kids took part in everything she offered as an option!
Kanyon loved the face paint that Grandma Sonnenberg brought. Babata made him into a dragon at his request, of course. ;)

I made Scarlett a little bracelet... you wouldn't believe how hard this was to make. I think I dropped it at least 3 times and lost the beads in the grass each time... Babata tried once and did the same as well as Aunt Janette... SO glad when it was finally tied off and on Scarlett's wrist!

Kanyon, Adam, and Tyler hanging on the swing Saturday night...

Kanyon loved hitting some balls with Steve's cousin Dan.
This was Scarlett most of the time... she was off and running with all her cousins. She loved every second of it and couldn't even spare a sweet face for my camera when asked.
I never took any pictures at the cabin we all slept at, but it was really pretty there too. We made sure to stop on Saturday night and get a yummy raspberry shake, of course...

The trip was fun and totally exhausting. It took me several days to recover, but it was definitely worth it. :)
We are hoping that the next reunion is not as far off!


Heather Strong said...

Oh my gosh - just reading this made me tired again ha ha! That really was a lot of fun, though. I don't know how you did it almost 9 months pregnant with 3 little kids to chase around. Just being pregnant completely wiped me out.

Jen Bird said...

That looks like SO much fun! How fun is that house!! Seriously, a big water slide, games, hot tub, not to mention the lake too!! How do I join your family so I can come??! Well, maybe that planned wedding between Kanyon & Paityn will be my way in!! haha!

Weston and Nicole said...

Wow you covered SO much here! The crazy thing is, I don't remember you having your camera in your hand a lot, but I'm so glad you got all these amazing pictures! Can I steal a few? The one you took of mikayla going down the steep part of the slide made me laugh...I had already forgotten about that!! Cute pics of Adam and Cohen too. Love them all.

Meghan said...

Nicole - take whatever you'd like! If you want original files and not these smaller watermarked ones, then email me which ones you want and I'll send them your way. :)