Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Five, three, and one.

Cohen and Scarlett didn't really get pictures done for their birthday's in April, so since I was needing to get Kanyon's done soon with him turning 5 this month, I decided that it was best to just pack them in and take them all. That way, once the baby is born... I can focus on just getting newborn shots of him and not feeling the pressure of the others still. SO glad I can check this off my "to do" list.

Many, many thanks to my friend Jen for tagging along and helping me wrangle Cohen while I was working on the other two. As a bonus, she got some pretty cute shots of her girls too. :)

Cohen - 14 1/2 months and at a VERY tough age to photograph so I was thrilled with what I was able to get out of the small amount of time he would cooperate with me.

Scarlett - 3 years and 3 1/2 months (at least she is still closer to 3 than 4!)

Kanyon - a week shy of 5 years old and looking far too old for me lately.

The four best buddies... Kanyon has already informed us that he is going to marry Paityn (on the far right). She is about 8-9 months older than him, but hey... no complaints from Steve or I! We love her family!
I loved photographing Paityn because she had quite a few ideas of her own as far as poses and where she ought to be. It was so cute! She is 5 1/2.

Presley is 2 1/2 and while I couldn't get a ton of grins out of her, she was very serious about wanting her picture taken... as long as I showed her what I captured on the LCD screen when I was done!

I also enjoyed getting out there and shooting that night because I got to put my 5DMarkII to use for the first time. :) I couldn't believe how fast my CF card filled up though... I'm going to have to upgrade that as well!


Heather Strong said...

I am so jealous that you can take your own pictures. I just don't have any talent with picture-taking.

La Rose Couture said...

oh my goodness, these pics are so adorable. They turned out really good Meghan. You can't even tell its the museum. What a talent you have there!

Jen Bird said...

I can't believe how beautiful they turned out!!! I am so lucky to have you as my friend!!