Thursday, June 17, 2010

Memorial Weekend: Part 3

We always try and see the Temple and Visitor's Center when we go to St. George. The kids love it and the kids even sang "I love to see the Temple" for us on video... I wish I had that ready to share. They were so cute.

Here they are posing for us after hanging out in the air-conditioned Visitor's Center for a while. They got special cards with a picture of Jesus on them and they carried them everywhere.

We went together as a family one morning and did 9 holes of golf. Well... I should say that Steve golfed and we all just were there to hang out. We had 2 golf carts and lots of snacks to help entertain the kids. They saw SO many wild rabbits all over the course, so that was entertaining enough for a while.

Here they are practicing before we took off. I love Steve's tucked in/no belt look he has going. They are pretty strict there at the Entrada course and got after him to tuck it in when he went into the pro shop that morning before our tee time. haha! I'm kind of surprised that they let us take our kids! It wasn't busy though because it was after Memorial Day, thank goodness.
It was a gorgeous course, although the back 9 where we were was pretty tough and I'm not sure how many balls Steve lost. ;) At least two went in this pond pictured below though!

Kanyon had his clubs too and would putt a little bit.

This picture kind of sums up what it's like golfing with 3 kids... not much room for concentration!

Steve also lost a fair amount of balls due to this lava rock you can see in the pictures below. It was really unforgiving.

I think we set a record... 9 holes in an hour and a half. It was extremely hot and the kids were getting restless towards the end, but it was a fun family activity. I think they liked riding around on the golf carts the best. :)

To sum it up... a fun family trip. I think we'll do it again sometime. Far enough to feel like we were really away, but not too far!

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allison said...

I can never get over how breathtakingly gorgeous it is up there! I wish we had those kinds of views down here but could still keep the florida weather!