Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Memorial Weekend Extended: Part 1

After looking at the weather for Memorial Day weekend and seeing that it was not going to be good (think rainy and 50*), Steve and I began looking for somewhere to go where it would be nice. We were feeling the need to get out of town especially because we have no other family trips scheduled for the summer with the baby being due in August.

St. George seemed like the perfect place to go, plus we had friends that were going to be down there too. It ended up being a better deal to stay for a week, so we did! We left Thursday and came back the following Thursday after Memorial Day. It was so much fun and we look forward to doing it again (just not over the summer since it gets too hot for our taste then). The drive was so much easier than Vegas and only an hour and a half shorter. It's amazing how much further away Vegas feels when you're driving that last stretch where there is nothing but desert as far as you can see. ;)

This will be Part 1 of our trip. I just took way too many pictures to post them all at once.
We stayed at the Entrada and really loved it there. This two bedroom condo worked well for our family and was huge. Cohen slept in the closet and the other two kids shared the other room. So nice to cook breakfast and eat lunch there everyday and then go out for dinner if we wanted to.
Scarlett standing out by the pond in the backyard. Yeah, that wasn't the greatest with Cohen, but he did pretty good to stay away.

Must have been all the rocks lying around for tasting that kept him busy and away from the pond. ;)

We went on a walk early each morning since our kids' average wake up time down there was 5:45am. :0 We had to kill some time in the morning when it wasn't quite warm enough for swimming. The kids learned the hard way what a cactus is and does if you touch it. ;) Luckily I had some tweezers and was able to pull tiny little prickles out of their hands. Now they know!

They were fascinated by the wild rabbits, quails, lizards, etc just running around everywhere. Just not something they get to see at home all the time.

It is so pretty there. I love the red rock everywhere. Although, it's not the best for little ones that like to dig in the red dirt and wipe it all over their clothes. Very hard to get that stuff out!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of golfing and visiting the temple there.

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Melissa said...

What a change in scenery! Can't wait to see the rest.