Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Creative Dance

Dance finished up for Scarlett at the end of May and because there ended up only being 2 girls left in class by the end, there was no performance - just a parent night where they got to show us all they had been working on.

Here are a few pictures of it. Take note of Scarlett's tongue. I think that's her 'i'm-so-embarrassed-but-am-loving-the-attention' face. :)

Pliets in second position.
Skipping. She's much better now. She had NO idea how to skip when she started. It's amazing what is so hard for their little bodies to do in the beginning.
Spotting while turning.
Walking like a princess - pointing her toes as she steps.
Jumping with pointed toes.
She loved her first experience with dance. I think it'll be a toss up this fall between dancing and gymnastics because she really loves them both, but I don't have time for her to do everything right now! :)


Jen Bird said...

I love that face!! She looks so big being a ballerina!! Have fun this weekend!!

stacey said...

She is such an adorable little thing! She is doing a great job with the jumping - look at that air!

Heather Strong said...

Cute! What a bummer that everyone else dropped out. Dance is so fun.