Monday, May 10, 2010

Haircut for Cohen

I'm loving that my sister is in hair school right now! Especially now that I've got my 3rd boy on the way... they need hair cuts all too often and I hate taking them in to someone. I try and cut their hair myself, but you can only do so much with clippers.

So, while my sister was in town for Scarlett and my mom's birthdays, I let her practice on a not so cooperative little guy. :)
We were trying everything to distract him... but he was no fool.
Jewelry seems to be his favorite thing and it did the trick long enough to call it good. :)
Sad that I never did take an after shot! And of course since it's been a month since this happened, he's in need of yet another trim... Do you think I can last until Mical comes to visit again in July?? That could be interesting...

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