Monday, May 10, 2010

Chicago Trip: March

Finally. Over two months later... ;)

I got around to editing all the photos I took while we were out in Illinois for my father-in-law's 60th birthday. It was lots of fun!

Picture overload... consider this your warning. :)

The Party.
Steve, Tyler (Scott's son), and Cohen.
Ella, Kanyon, and Scarlett (who was obsessed with this harmonica out there).

Tyler and Scarlett
Jim (birthday man), Ken, Steve and Cohen
Kanyon, James, and Ella
Ally and Scott. Scott was quite the chef for the party. Look at all those yummy ribs!

Grandpa Sonnenberg, John, and Jim
The cake... perfectly made just for Jim.
The house full! There were tons of kids too...
Jim, Grandma, John, Joan, Scott, and Grandpa Sonnenberg
Jim, Paul, Ken, Scott, Steve, and James. In order by age, of course. :)

The Farm.
Kanyon and his grandpa's dog, Ghost.

They have to ride the go-cart no matter how chilly it is outside!

Cohen enjoyed riding Ghost... I don't think Ghost loved it though.

Inside the barn with Grandma Sonnenberg.

You can see Scarlett in the picture below showing her true feelings for dogs... she's a bit scared.

Nice pink cowboy hat, James!

The Bulls Game.

Steve's brother, Scott, got us a suite for the Bulls game that weekend. The kids had a ball just running around. If you've got to bring kids to an NBA game... that's the way to do it!

Scott hooks us up when we come. A center court shot.
We also were just in time to see the huddle before the game... very cool.

Paul, Tracy, her daughter, and her daughter's boyfriend.
Brian (Steve's cousin) and his wife, Heather.
Parker and Peyton, Steve's brother Paul's boys.
Cohen and I.
The kids running like crazy in the suite. It was chaos, but I don't know how you do it with that many kids at a basketball game! :)
It was a short, but fun trip and Jim was very surprised to see us out there for his birthday. We were happy for a trip out since with this baby coming in August, we won't be making a trip out this summer like we usually do.

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