Monday, March 15, 2010

My little ballerina

According to Scarlett, this move is called "kissy heels". Apparently she'll be learning the proper terminology later in life. ;)

I have awaited this day for a very long time since finding out the little baby in my belly was going to be a girl. I loved dancing as a child and so far, the same is true of Scarlett. She is still only two, but was allowed in the three year old class after a trial run. Most of the moms there were surprised to find out she was still only two and listens so well. I think that's from her being in gymnastics from the time she was about 16 months until last month. She is used to listening to a teacher and following directions. I love getting to watch her learning things that seem so awkward for her little body, but she's catching on.

Her favorite part? Wearing a pink little outfit of course. ;) Oh, and that she gets to dance to Disney Princess music for the entire class time. Two very important things to an almost 3 year old.
(Cohen is trying to grab her skirt below)
Kanyon wasn't up for much in the photo department today... he's suffering a bit from allergies already. Must be all this mid-fifty degree weather and then switch to snowy weather we've had lately. Tomorrow is to be mid-sixties so I'm thinking some Benedryl is in order for him.
Just a funny wide-angle photo of Cohen... Seems to have given him some extra chubby cheeks. He was eating his favorite snack these days. Cheerios.


Mical said...

Oh my! I LOVE her chubby little pink legs in those ballet shoes. She is so cute.

stacey said...

I see new photos that are going to need to go up in the ballerina's bedroom! Poor, sweet Kanyon. His eyes look so itchy.

DESTINY said...

Love her little pose-what a doll!