Sunday, December 13, 2009


Just a mix of pictures to show what we've been doing over the last couple of weeks.
All decorated for Christmas...
Our elf, Freddy, has been watching the kids and taking notes for Santa. Each night he disappears to report to Santa and comes back home in the morning in a different spot. The kids think it's fun when they find him.
Lots of this kind of weather over the last week. I need to get the kids bundled up and let them play in it. We've been so busy, there's not been time! Soon, I hope.
Baking and cooking treats. I have taken a break though because I cannot have it in my house!

Making neighbor gifts and getting them delivered.

I caught Scarlett the other day in her usual attire. A purse and princess shoes... clacking around the house. She can even run in them! Kind of amazing. ;)
And then in a matter of minutes, she had a different purse carrying her things around. Like Mother, like Daughter. :)
I took pictures of Scarlett after we got her ready the other day. She is slowing getting more and more hair... but lately it's been hard to keep her hair done! It is SO full of static all the time that even if I do it, it ends up flat and static to her head. I heard it's the dry air? I'm not sure what to do! I don't have any dryer sheets around the house because my dryer doesn't take them, but would it be worth it to buy some and rub it on her hair?
It's pretty cute when I can actually round brush it... and it stays. :)
We are ready for Christmas now. Like I said before, my Christmas shopping is complete... if only the never ending wrapping would stop now. I'm working on getting our Christmas cards out too. So, if you want one and don't think I have your address... let me know!


Stinkerbell said...

My stylist recommends a leave in conditioner for their hair. Kaitlin's does the fly away too and when I use the conditioner it lays perfectly! Love the other pictures, too. You are so talented!

Melissa said...

When I showed my kids the scene outside your backyard, Livy's jaw dropped. GORGEOUS!!!! She also LOVED your nutcrackers on your fireplace b/c she collects them. :-)

Wish I were your neighbor . . . yum!

Heather Strong said...

My hair gets super staticky! I use bounce sheets and sometimes when I put lotion on my hands, I run my fingers through my hair a little bit so it gets a little weighty residue. I love the little elf idea! So clever.

Kimberly said...

great pics! your backyard is gorgeous and Dave thought so too! Scarletts hair is so cute :)

marleah said...

We want the annual Sonnenberg Chistmas card! I'm not sure if you have our new address. If not, it's 9072 Rusty Rifle Avenue 89143. I love all your new pics. Your kids are so cute!

Meghan said...

Thank you, Marleah!! :) I did not have your new one. You'll be getting a card soon!

Meghan said...

Thank you all for suggestions on Scarlett's hair! I'll be trying some of those out!

Jen Bird said...

Her hair is so cute!! I love it in a little bob!! And I forgot about that elf you put around your house. I've always loved that idea. I'll have to do that one of these years!