Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Eve

I'm including Christmas Eve Eve in here too because we had a Sonnenberg party with Steve's brother Ken and his family as well as his grandparents that night. We had a big turkey dinner and then went to a retirement community and the kids served the people there some cookies with their dinner. They were so cute asking them which cookie they wanted. I think the elderly people enjoyed the kids too. Afterwards, we all exchanged gifts. It was cute watching the kids do the gift part. They were so excited. I didn't take many pictures, sadly... that seems to be the theme of Christmas festivities every year. Maybe 2010 will be different, then again maybe not. ;)
Here is James "resting" off the calories from dinner. ;) It was a really good dinner!
I have video of Grandma and Grandpa with the 2 littlest cousins, so hopefully that one works.

We had Christmas Eve at my parent's house like we do every year. Dinner, gingerbread house decorating for the kids, and present exchanges. The kids opened Christmas PJs from us and hooded towels from each other, so it was perfect to bathe them there before heading home. Here is the only time I brought out my camera once again. :P

Poor Cohen was over it about this time. It was past his bedtime and he fell asleep in the car and transferred to his crib perfectly. He's done the transfer better than any of my other kids. Maybe it has something to do with being the 3rd. :)

The kids helped me frost some sugar cookies we had made earlier for Santa and then we put out a glass of milk and a celery stick for the reindeer... we didn't have carrots. It had to do. ;) Then they all went to bed. Santa came and went and this was what we were left with...
I know, you can't see what the kids got (maybe just a hint in the shadows), but I'll take pictures of them playing with their main stuff and do a separate post later.
Santa brought the family a Wii. That's been a lot of fun. :)
We were up until 1am or so... but were excited for the next morning.


Mical said...

How fun! I love the new Super Mario game. We gave that to our kids too. But I think I have had the most fun with it so far. :)

Jen Bird said...

I love their little pajamas!! And the Wii, I'm so glad you got it, we've even had fun on it. I think I'm a little rusty on the Mario Cart though!