Thursday, November 5, 2009


Halloween was fun this year... I limited the amount of time we would spend trick or treating with the kids and I think that helped make it more enjoyable. One trip around our block and they had plenty of candy! ;) Plus they enjoyed opening the door and seeing the kids dressed up at our house. My parents, brother, and Steve's brother all came over to hang out for the evening.

We had a witch, an elephant, and a Harry Potter this year. Kanyon wore that elephant costume for his first Halloween too. :)

With Cohen crawling now, he was all over the kids' candy on the floor.
Steve's little brother, James, and my Dad watching the Yankees play.
And finally a picture of all our little pumpkins lit up on Halloween night. We have Scarlett and Steve's on the left. Then on the right up top is mine, the scary one was Kanyon's, and then Cohen's little baby one on the bottom.
The morning after (you can see Kanyon's faded Harry Potter scar lingering)... the kids and the obsession with growling has not stopped. Cohen looks a little frightened though.
As much as I enjoy Halloween... I'm glad it's over. The "candy monster" came and took the kids candy on Sunday, decorations are put away, and I'm ready for Thanksgiving and some good times with my sister and her family!


stacey said...

Oh my goodness, they all looked adorable. I can't help but love Harry Potter. As for the "candy monster", what a great idea!

Mical said...

Yay! Me too! You'll probably also be excited when we walk back out the door! :D

Alesha said...

Hi Meghan,
My name is Alesha and I am friends with a bunch of your friends (and their husbands from high school). I saw the ties that you and Jen made and I am wondering if I could get the blog site you found the pattern on? I would love to make some for my son :)
My email is if you want to share :)

Lindsay said...

reeeeallly cute. cute kids, cute costumes. cute everything.

Team O'Connor said...

Your pumpkins are really good. I didn't know about the candy monster! I'm so glad it never came to my house when I was a good. Probably should have but I'm sure Paula was secretly sneaking it from us anyway....but so she could eat it :)