Saturday, October 31, 2009

Carving Pumpkins

It's becoming more fun as the kids get older and more involved to carve pumpkins. Usually I really dread doing this Halloween activity. This year, the kids each chose their face they wanted for their pumpkin and even helped clean it out. Kanyon wasn't so excited about that part, but Scarlett jumped right in there and I think that helped Kanyon to see it wasn't so bad.

Don't you love Kanyon's true face in the picture below? He's not loving it.
We didn't have any candles last night to test out the lighting of the pumpkins... I'll have to get pictures of that tonight after I get candles at the store. The kids were pretty proud of their pumpkins.
I took a video of the kids too. They were being silly.

Happy Halloween everyone!


Jill said...

ha ha ha too cute !!!

Mical said...

My kids really enjoyed this one. Nice job on all 5! Your a better Mom than I!!!

Lisa said...


Jen Bird said...

How fun! You're good to do that every year!!

Team O'Connor said...

Your pumpkins look good! I thought about carving one this year but was kind of afraid they'd get stolen. Maybe when we live somewhere else. Haha.