Sunday, October 18, 2009

We have Visitors.

We have been enjoying having Steve's mom and her husband in town since Wednesday of last week. They were in Romania serving an LDS mission for the last 18 months. Skype has been our only way to connect with them and while the kids enjoyed seeing them on the computer... nothing's better than the real thing.

We've hit up Farm Country at Thanksgiving Point which just happened to be the start of "barnyard boo" so the kids enjoyed some extra activities there... they got some vampire teeth from one activity. Aren't they scary?? ;)
We visited the Art City Museum in Springville with the kids. I had never been there before (although I drive by it daily), but the kids really enjoyed it and I thought it was really interesting. It's a very cool building.

My little "artists" at work.
We hit up the local pumpkin patch on Saturday and picked some great pumpkins... More pictures to come of that. I'm sure even more pictures of our carving contest tomorrow night. :)

Funny thing... I just realized in the little amount of pictures I've taken and posted above... there is no sign of "grandma and grandpa". Note to self: take a picture of G&G with the kids. Oops!


Devin Bird said...

I've wondered about what you've been up to this week!! ;) I knew you'd be having lots of fun though!

Devin Bird said...

Opps, not Devin....Jen!