Monday, August 31, 2009

Weekend at the Cabin

We've been talking about going up to my friend Jen's family's cabin for a long time now. We finally planned it and nothing would stop us! Not even Jen getting swine flu! ;) Kidding, we didn't know it at the time, but she and even Devin were really sick, that's for sure. No matter, they put on happy face and we had a great time. We have decided that a do-over is in order, however, when no one is sick! :)

I think the kids were in heaven... the great outdoors, friends 24/7, four wheelers, etc. Who wouldn't be?
Yes, we did catch a mouse our first night in the cabin. It was quite the excitement! :) No one was volunteering to empty the trap though, so we set it outside.
A view of the cabin, Jen upstairs and Devin lounging downstairs.
Yet again, no pictures of me and tons of Steve and Cohen. If I have the camera, Steve's always got him so inevitably that's what I have pictures of!

Hanging out by the reservoir there. We pretty much let the kids throw some rocks and then we left... It was really hot that weekend.

Waiting on lunch. I think the kids drank their weight in capri suns that weekend!
The four wheelers were fun even when just parked.
Can you just see these two in 12 years... Kanyon picking up Paityn for a date? I walked outside to hear Kanyon saying, as he hopped off the 4-wheeler, that he was "coming to pick Paityn up". I laughed just thinking about it! :)
Scarlett wandering around about the spot Steve and I saw a porcupine that night.

The 4 kids humoring me for a photo.

Sweet little Pres.
And the two besties. Look at Kanyon just hanging on to her. ;)
Getting the energy out...

I swear I didn't take that many picture while up there... but here I am with a looooong post of them. Typical me. :)
Thanks to the Bird's for a fun weekend!

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Jen Bird said...

I LOVE Them all!!! You got some GREAT shots of the kids! And yes, another trip needs to be in order. No swine flu!!!