Monday, August 31, 2009

First Soccer Game

We are alive over here... barely, after a very loooooong week of sickness that isn't quite over yet. Cohen has it now and is right in the thick of it, poor little guy. Steve and I look forward to a bit more sleep in the very near future as we are both exhausted. So far, I still haven't caught what everyone else has had. *knocks on wood*

On to other things! We have been doing a little bit. Kanyon was feeling better by about Thursday, but missed his first soccer game earlier in the week from being sick. So, by Saturday, he was ready to play in their next game. Steve and Cohen didn't come because they both were still not feeling great... neither was Scarlett, but she would not take no for an answer and sometimes you just don't fight those battles with her. ;)

I was a little confused with how this soccer thing was going to work because they don't have practices. They just show up for games and maybe practice a skill for 10 minutes before the game. Kanyon didn't know much about soccer, so he was a bit nervous and intimidated that first game. He needed lots of direction and he mostly hung back and did what his teammates did. After they rotated him out the first time, he got a little teary and told me he didn't want to go back in. But, after some encouragement and a good pep-talk from Mom, he was back in and having fun again. We decided that Dad needs to take him out each night and practice with him and help him gain a little confidence. :)

He sure looked cute out there in his gear though!

He and his team practicing before the game.

Kanyon getting a little direction from his coach on the field. He was a bit lost. haha!
They just play 3 on 3, which I like. Better chances of actually getting a kick in here and there. ;)
Scarlett cheering her brother on.
Throwing it in.
Kicking it off.
He has another game tomorrow night and tonight Steve and he were outside practicing. I hope his confidence is improving and I'm sure having his Dad at his game will help a lot. :)


Team O'Connor said...

Soccer is the best sport for little kids. All you do is chase the ball! At least that's all I did when I was a kid. Haha. I wasn't very good but if nothing else, all the running totally wears them out :)

allison said...

they really are so cute in their uniforms arent they? i'm sure kanyon will warm up to the whole thing after a couple games! thats funny they don't have practices though, we have them once a week. :)

Mical said...

He's so cute! Go KANYON!