Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Kanyon started pre-school on Monday! The long awaited day had come and he was seriously dressed and ready to go with his backpack on by 7:30am. :) He's been begging to go to school since last year, so today was exciting for him.
He had to show me his dinosaur backpack.
When I picked him up he said he had fun and likes his teacher, Mrs. Beach. I'm so glad he had a great first day. :) It's going to take me a bit of getting used to having to have him there on time and pick him up... it makes it so I can't go far in the morning on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays which is so strange! I actually have an obligation now and can't just do whatever I want to all week. I know he needs this social outlet though and that's okay, I can adjust to change. :)

Here to the beginning of the school years!


Erinn said...

He looks so handsome! And that backpack is TOO cute! Abby starts preschool on Tuesday next week and she is READY. 2 days a week this year will be enough of a change for us and hopefully will help us slowly transition into a 3-a-day schedule for next year.

Alex (and Trevor!) said...

I can't believe how big he looks! *Sniffle sniffle* And I love his backpack!! I had a Minnie Mouse one where her hands and feet made the straps!! :)

So, Kanyon handled his first few days well, but how did MOM do? :)