Monday, August 17, 2009

Chicago Trip - Day 1

For our first full day in Illinois, we hit up Lake Holiday and spent time with Steve's brothers while the kids played with their cousins. It was a gorgeous day!

Scarlett with Kendyl and Karly on the beach.
Grandpa and Kanyon on the wave runner... Kanyon just can't get enough of Grandpa.

Kanyon and Kendyl with Grandpa.
Little Cohen... as happy as can be!
The infamous shot... you know he had to do it. And Scarlett loved it.

Grandpa and YoungJa loungin'.
Scarlett on the waverunner.
Steve's brother, Paul, and his oldest son, Parker.
The view of the lake house from the dock.
A little baseball... Paul pitching to Peyton.
Parker's turn...
Kanyon's turn...

Kendyl, one of Paul's twin girls.
Karly, the other twin, with the help of Grandpa.

We kept Cohen in the shade the entire time, but he still ended up with a little sunburn on his face... I think the umbrellas weren't totally blocking the UV rays, so I took care of that problem for the rest of the time. Poor guy with such fair skin... just like his big bro.
Scarlett and her little mischievous face after running off with the teddy grahams.
Kanyon, Cohen, Ella, and Allie... Steve's older brother, Scott's girls who absolutely adored Cohen and wanted to hold him every second. It was great! :)
Yikes... so many pictures and only day 1. I guess I'll just apologize now. :) Sorry!

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