Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Zoo

My sister, Mical, and her family came up from Las Vegas for the 4th of July and we wanted to go to the zoo. I don't make it there very often with my kids because it's a 45 minute drive and Mical never takes her kids because the zoo in Las Vegas is pretty sad. So, we went up on Thursday morning and it was packed and hot, but lots of fun... We did the train ride first. And posed in front of most of the animal statues... poor Scarlett had to sit on the horn. haha! Saw some monkeys... Kanyon told us on the way home that one of his favorite parts at the zoo were the piggieback rides that his cousin Caden gave him. :) Looking at the black bears. Proof that I was there too... and packing Cohen around like a kangaroo in my sling. :) Yep, and one more statue pic. :) You can see the kids were starting to run out of steam. ;) Luckily we headed out before the torrential downpour that began moments after we got in the car.

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