Thursday, July 9, 2009

The 4th Festivities...

We started off this year with the parade, as usual... and the kids were disappointed because we cannot get a good spot for the life of us! However, we're not willing to camp out for one either, that's for sure. ;) Steve didn't come this year because he wasn't feeling well. So, I packed up the kids and let him sleep in. He deserved it since he went with me to my 10 year high school reunion the day before down in Richfield despite not feeling good. The kids, watching the parade... Maddi and Cole. He saw something he liked! ;) One of the many marching bands... and about all we saw from where we sat. We were too close to the beginning and missed where all the floats and other stuff came onto the street. My SP for the week. Happy Independence Day to us. :) After the parade, we had a BBQ at my house with my family and then went up the canyon to a park and the kids played while the guys enjoyed a little homerun derby. Steve and Maddi chasing down a ball... obviously not a homerun. ;) Caden hitting some balls himself that my mom was pitching to him. And how sweet that Kanyon is in the background here loving on his little bro. My mom doing the throwing for Caden. Steve up to bat. I hear my little bro, Trev, won the homerun derby... but I never saw it with my own eyes. ;) Little bro, Troy, up to bat. Scarlett with her Auntie Alex. My mom with Cohen and Callie. It was nice to have a break from bouncing a baby... :) Callie was always trying to sneak down to the creek behind us... so mischievous! ;) Maddi showing some love for Cohen. I had forgotten with my sister having come up just after Cohen was born, that no one else in her family had seen him yet... they were all so cute with him. :) Cole still looking pretty happy... he started not feeling well a little later. When it started to get dark, we headed back to my house for fireworks. I should have gotten pictures of the illegal ones that Ryan set off that were pretty good, but I was too busy enjoying watching them. :) Scarlett's first sparklers. She wasn't near as nervous as she should have been, that's for sure. Kanyon didn't complain once this year about the fireworks. I still remember cutting our show short one year because he was crying and scared of them. And just two of my lame firework pictures this year. :) One year we'll have to hit up the Stadium of Fire or at least go somewhere close by to watch them.

On a side note: Cohen rolled from his back to his tummy for the first time this weekend... he's getting so big! :)

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