Saturday, May 9, 2009

Boycotting the "bed".

I'm so tired of seeing this equipment in my living room... but mostly tired of my baby being in it. We are going on day 10 under the lights and I see no end in sight. We've been stuck at the same bilirubin number for the last 3 days. I'm tired of going to the hospital each morning and listening to Cohen scream while they fill their vial of blood.

So, for tonight at least, we're boycotting the bed and doing it the old fashioned way...
He looks so much more comfortable... and I think he's grown tired of the equipment too because lately he's been so restless in it.

There's that binky grip again too... I found him almost all the way on his tummy, if it weren't for one arm stuck under him, scrambling to grab that binky right after I took that last photo. All my kids are such binky-lovers.

On a side note, I have done it... I've taken all 3 of my kids out with me at the same time by myself. And to a toy store no less to get a birthday gift. It was not that bad... only a few whines from the older kids about a toy they wanted and just one spill on the way out. Luckily it wasn't me. ;) Scarlett tripped while trying to carry the bag. No blood, so we were okay.

I think I can do this... I *think*.


Jill said...

awwwww he DOES look more comfy & AWESOME light you got there ;)

i hope the all naturel way works, praying for you all

WTG !!! your brave, although im not shocked. i KNEW if anyone could pull 3 kids under 4 alone it'd n YOU !!!

Melissa said...

He looks so peaceful and happy!

Jen Bird said...

Seriously....that dang bed! We just got home and I had to get a check-up on the little guy!! He looks bigger to me by the way!! (just a tiney bit, but still) I am still offering myself to come and watch the little guy in the nightime! I don't think you're taking me seriously...because know that I am!!! Happy Mother's Day tomorrow!! You're such a great mom and friend! (and no, I don't think you're crazy even for a sec!)

Weston and Nicole said...

Congratulations on your beautiful little boy!! I saw Steve last night at Jeff's reception and he told me the news. I've been out of town so I had no idea you had him already!! He is so adorable. We need to come meet him sometime. Good luck and congrats again!

Mical said...

Arg! I would be frustrated too!! I can't believe you are out and about! Good for you. I guess the sooner you jump back into life the better. Can't wait to see you friday. :)