Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Birth Story

So my plans to go into labor this time around without being induced were ruined on Monday at my doctor's appointment when he told me he was leaving for Hawaii on Sunday morning. :( He was in Hawaii when I had Kanyon and I really didn't want to do it without him again. So, Steve and I talked and decided that Wednesday, April 29th would be a good day to have this little guy so I would have some help from my mom when I came home at least for the weekend.

We arrived at the hospital at noon after getting my little brother, Trent (who's 15), settled at our house with the 2 kids. He was more than happy to miss a day of school to help us out and the kids don't think of him as a babysitter, but more as a friend over to play. ;) Always helps! After getting to the hospital, getting all checked in, getting in the room, etc, etc... I finally got started on an IV with Pitocin by about 1:30pm. I decided to go for a while before I got the epidural hoping that would help it last through to the end this time since it decided to stop working early with Scarlett.

I came in dialated to a 2 and 75% effaced. I finally got the epidural at 4:30pm after the contractions where getting pretty uncomfortable. At that time I was only a 3 and sad that I hadn't progressed faster but at least I was comfortable then. I was checked again at 6:30 at was only at a 3+ but completely thinned out and I was getting really frustrated and feeling like Cohen was never going to come. I was also stressing about my epidural wearing off, but mostly I was just bored waiting which is better than pain, I guess. ;) I was also starving since I had only eaten a bowl of cheerios for breakfast and a Jamba Juice for lunch before I went in.

At 7:30, I was 5 cm and Cohen's head was at 0 station. The nurse called to get my room all set up and ready for the delivery because she had a feeling I was going to go really fast now. I told her not to jinx me though. ;) She said she hoped not! At 8:30pm I was at a 7 and +2 station and I was starting to really hurt. I was pushing my button on the epidural and it wasn't helping. I was in tears afraid that it was going to be like my delivery with Scarlett all over again so at 8:35pm my nurse checked me again and I was a 10 and ready to push. She paged my doctor and the anesthesiologist to give me a boost before I had to push. I got the boost and started to not feel my legs again, but still felt serious pressure. I pushed 3 times through one contraction and pretty much just watched my doctor manuveur Cohen's shoulders out and he came out on his own after that at 8:55pm.

He was 7 lbs. 3 oz. and 20 inches long and his apgar scores were great. I, on the other hand, was sick... just throwing up and couldn't stop. They gave me some Zofran and I finally stopped and could see my blonde haired little man. The nurses were shocked to see all his blonde hair considering my hair color at the moment and Steve being darker too. One look at Kanyon though when they came to visit the next morning and they weren't so shocked after all. ;)

I had a lot of visitor's on Thursday, but only got a snapshot of Cohen's Great Grandparent's who came to visit that afternoon.
Kanyon and Scarlett did come meet their little brother that morning but I was so caught up in the moment and how sweet they were that I didn't have time to even think about my camera. Steve did get some on video though and I'll have to find it. Scarlett was so sweet and kept saying over and over, "I just love him!" Kanyon was pretty sad to leave me and Cohen back at the hospital. He's been extra sensitive the last couple of months and really notices when either Steve or I are missing, especially at night. So, he was really excited to come pick us up on Friday morning to come back home.

Proud Dad, doing what he loves to do... hold the baby and relax... which usually ends up in a nap for him as well. ;)
My 3 favorite boys. Scarlett and I are now officially outnumbered. ;)
Ha, that's okay. I told Steve he knows who's opinions really matter the most anyway. ;)


Heidi said...

Glad everything went well! He's adorable. You and I are total opposites. Wouldn't it be great to be somewhere in the middle and have a delivery that wasn't too fast and not too slow!?

Mical said...

I am glad you are home and doing good. Hopefully he doesn't have to go back into the hospital. Thats all you need to deal with ;)

Lisa said...

What a beautiful family. Didn't Scarlett look SO big when she came to the hopsiptal after you had Cohen. That has happened to me with each child :)
Enjoy him, he is a angel !!!!

Heather Strong said...

Those are some great pictures. Glad everything went well except for the barfing thing. That was like me during my c-section, I was vomiting through the whole entire thing!

Kari and Paul McMullin said...

Congratulations! Our babies have all had jaundice, too. Tough going for those first days when you have to deal with heal pricks and lights. Hang in there! And, again, congratulations.