Sunday, March 15, 2009

How Sweet

Yet another digital note left for me by my hubby. This time was not an apology though. ;) Do you think he just doesn't know where a pen and some paper are because really it seems like this would take longer! ;) The tidying job he did was nice and much appreciated too. He had to leave me after the first hour of church to go on a business trip, so I was going to be on my own with the kids for a couple days. The house wasn't real messy, but we do tend to leave in a bit of chaos every Sunday just trying to get to church on time, so it generally needs a little attention when we get home. Kanyon noticed first thing when we walked in the mudroom from the garage because usually there are piles of shoes that need to be put away and never seem to make it back to the closets. Kanyon said, "Mom, where are all the shoes?!?" There was nothing to trip on, it was great!

Thanks babe.

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