Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patty's!

I was happy to tell Kanyon he had to wear green today and that none of his super hero shirts had green on them... :D He would wear the same shirt over and over if I let him.

I explained the "pinching" tradition involved with wearing green to Kanyon and Scarlett this morning and they were very confused. First of all, they know that pinching is not nice and second, Kanyon has always called shots at the doctors "pinches" because it feels like a little pinch when he gets them... so he kept asking if we were going to the doctor's today because he didn't want a pinch. haha! Poor thing may have been a little stressed out. ;)

However, I think he's decided that he enjoys the holiday after we had a *mostly* green dinner tonight with the Bird's... and "Lenny the Leprechaun" even left some gold (gold reeses PB cups) and some four leaf clover sugar cookies for the kids. Good times. Thanks, Jen! Even though we were both husband-less, it was fun. :)
The green dinner... green kool-aid, green jell-o, green rolls, and chicken enchilada's with green guacamole and lettuce. Yum! I can only take credit for the jell-o though. :)
Scarlett in her green today... she and her little piggie tails got a laugh out of some ladies at the mall. I'm sure everyone that sees her thinks it's funny that I pull back about 5 hairs in each pig tail. ;) Whatever, I'm going to do it until she really has enough one day!
Little Presley... before the guacamole in her hair. ;) It was a good look for her, I should have snapped a picture.
Kanyon showing off his "gold" that Lenny the Leprechaun dropped on his way out the back door today.
My husband returned tonight from Vegas... but he's sicker than sick with food poisoning so we'll look forward to him really being back once he's better!


Mical said...

oh boy! Did he eat at the buffet? That'll do it everytime! :) Glad he is home. Cute St. Patty's day festivities! I didn't do one thing. But in my defense we weren't home at all. What happened to my p-call today? I almost called you from soccer practice tonight, but then thought I should get some reading in since book club is Saturday night and I just started the book. You're coming right? ;D

Meghan said...

No, Mical! You'll die! It's like Mom's In N Out Burger story... no joke. (remember that???) He ate there Monday night and has been SO sick since. Hoping tomorrow is a better day for all. ;)

Oh and that phone call... yeah, let's just say I have had a hard day with a 3rd child to care for. ;) I'm calling you tomorrow though... promise!

Team O'Connor said...

Poor Kanyon! He was probably thinking about shots all day. Haha. That's sad/funny. At least it all turned out good for him. Green jello and no doctor :)