Friday, January 30, 2009

Picture Frames for Sale!

So, I won't go into major details, but I have been working for a little while on printing my own photos to decorate my home with. I had come up with several collage ideas and once my plans for it were finalized, I ordered the prints for myself and the frames from Long story short, I did not get half of the frames I ordered... their system messed up all the quantities and now because bulk orders like this are non-refundable even if it's not my fault apparently, I'm left with 12 frames that I can't use and am missing 12 of what I need. **major pain!!** So, I'm selling these for what I paid (minus shipping obviously) because I just want them off my hands and most of my money back so I can buy what I still need.

Here is what I have:

(7) Brown (canadian walnut) 28x32 inch frames w/ white mat with an opening to fit a 16x20 photograph. Price: $51.20 each
(1) Black 28x32 inch frame w/ white mat with an opening to fit a 16x20 photograph. Price: $51.20 each
(4) Brown (canadian walnut) 22x28 inch frames w/ white mat with an opening to fit a 12x18 photograph Price: $43.20 each

**Each of these frames comes with an acrylic (not glass) piece and is lighter because of this.

Although these frames have mats already cut to fit a certain sized photograph, you can just take a mat in and get it cut to fit a larger photo than 16x20... like a 20x24 or whatever up to the frame size itself of 28x32. Same is true for the brown ones fit for a 12x18 photo up to the frame size of 22x28.

Here are some pictures of the 28x32 inch Brown frame (pictured at the top of this post as well):

The frames themselves are 1 1/4 inches wide.
The back.
The wall mount kit each one comes with to hang it.
And just to really see the size compared to my home. The 16x20 photo of Mt. Timp in the frame is for demonstration only to see the size.
I will not ship these... pick up only.

It's first come, first serve! For my clients that I have shot within the last year... if you're interested, I have a screamin' deal on a print to fit one of the frames - only offered if you purchase one of the frames however. ;) Please contact me by leaving a comment with your email address and the possible size you are interested in or if you have my number, just call me!

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