Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas decor...

(day 340)

We've actually had this up since the weekend before Thanksgiving because I knew we'd have no time the weekend of Thanksgiving to put it up with guests in the house... but I had yet to take a picture of it until this morning. I really need to do it at night though because it's the best then... we'll see if I can remember to. ;)

Scarlett rearranging my ornaments... gotta love that! It looks different everyday. ;)
A little self portrait... if you can find me. ;) (and I believe Kanyon is in there too...)

My advent calender I was inspired to make last year after seeing something similar being sold at Pottery Barn... The kids LOVE this and know they get to pick the candy bag off each day after naptime. This eliminates the question "Mom, is Santa coming tonight?" from being asked every couple of hours. ;) Not until your candy is all gone! Steve claims that I'm going to walk in the room to find Kanyon and Scarlett devouring all the candy so Santa can come. Um... yeah, I don't think so! It would take quite a lot for me to not notice a chair being pushed over there and that big canvas thing coming off the wall. Not to mention that I can't even get the candy out without cutting the bag open with scissors. ;)
Our big nutcracker that my niece, Callie, was so afraid of last weekend... check out my sister's post about it along with pictures. Pretty funny. :)
Neighbor gifts that I've been working on this week. I really don't want to smell cinnamon roasted almonds anymore!!

And just a shot of Kanyon laying on the couch all warm and snuggly in his blankets this morning while I was taking photos of the decor...
We went and saw Santa today too... I have pictures of that so I'll try to get those up later. :)


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Jill said...

i think i need that cinnamon roasted almonds recipe ;) such a CUTE idea for people like that. i always bake the mailman & UPS man something, that would b a YUMMY easy gift. ;)

i always love your house at christmas