Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving was a fun day. We spent it at my parent's house. My sister and her family of 6 came in town from Vegas and all my brothers were there as well as my grandparents on my mom's and dad's sides. Steve's brother, James, joined us too and it was fun to have him there. He spent last Thanksgiving with us too. We had an early dinner around lunch time and then hung out there clear into the evening. Kanyon and Scarlett were in heaven with their cousins and spent the majority of the time down in the unfinished basement playing with lots of toys!

My sister and I... she left my house this morning and I miss her already! We had a blast shopping on black friday and saw Twilight again together last night. Definitely even better the second time around... no critiquing and comparing to the book, but just pure enjoyment! We laughed that this is the first time ever in our lives that I have darker hair than her. ;)
Steve after maybe the second trip to the food... why do I never take pictures of the food beforehand?? I always seem to get pictures of empty, dirty dishes. :) Something to remember for next year.
My bros, Trent and Troy, playing with the cards...
And... their masterpiece. :)
Trevor and Alex in their spot on the couch... I don't think they moved much from here the whole day! :)
Steve and James with their phones... pretty typical shot of them I think! haha!
Grandma Shipp sharing her pics of the family with Mical.
My Dad on dish duty... minus his mustache!! He was called to the Bishopric in their ward and that meant shaving off a mustache that my mother has never seen him without in their 30+ years of marriage and dating. He looks more like my Uncles now, I think. Kanyon can not identify him as "grandpa with the mustache" anymore! ;)
Little Maddi... going to be 8 soon! I can't believe it. She's getting ready for my mom to start cutting the pies. :) Yummy!
And Grandpa C. hanging with all the grandkids in the basement. He was a good sport down there... my Grandma too but she somehow managed to hide from my camera that day! Most everyone gave me the evil eye that day as I got my camera out... I think my side of the family needs to learn to be less camera shy. :)
Thanks Mom and Dad for all the great food!
Steve wants Thanksgiving at our house one year because he misses leftovers for days... It's probably a good thing we don't though! Someday we'll try it on our own. :)


Lisa said...

Good times!!

I wish I could do that;)

Mical said...

You got such great pictures!! My post isn't as great. But I got a better shot of Trev and Alex...haha! Thanks for your great hospitality. It was fun!

Lindsay said...

Oh my gosh I totally didn't recognize you with your hair! It's WAYYY cute!

Meghan said...

Thanks for the nice comments on the hair! I'm starting to feel like it's me in the mirror and not some stranger. :)

Jill said...

how FUN !!! i to LOVE your hair & steve looks like me, that phone is addicting. your dad with no mustache makes your brothers look JUST like him. ive BEGGED my dad for yrs to chop his ... ive never seen him without ;)