Saturday, October 18, 2008

More of the Hanchett's...

Just a couple of favs from their session a week and a half ago... Well, so not really a couple, there are so many I like, I guess these are just some of them. ;)

This is definitely a favorite though... Love Savanna's face. haha!

The two responsible for three of the cutest kids... they're pretty cute themselves. :)
At the end... thought we could grab one more little cozy family picture, but we were wrong. The kids were done! :)
You can see we had totally lost daylight here, but the kids were having a ball running around. :) Balloons make everything more fun!
Thanks for a fun evening, guys! :)


Lisa said...

They look FABULOUS!!! Where is that location?

Meghan said...

It's just in Provo behind the State Hospital... very popular with photographers, as I'm sure you can see why! :)

Melissa said...

Awesome job, Meghan! The second one is my favorite . . . she looks so much like mommy.

DESTINY said...

yeah! Thanks again! they're awesome!