Friday, October 17, 2008

Fall Weather...

(day 291)

... can be very confusing! It's high 70s today and I was shocked! We've been in jackets and long-sleeves for the last couple of weeks and here it is just beautiful again outside. I never know how to dress the kids in the morning anymore! So, layers it is for now! :)

We took advantage of that this afternoon and the kids played outside on their bikes. I literally took just these 2 pictures because I just wanted to sit in the grass and enjoy it. Yes, Scarlett is sporting her cowboy hat outside today. Probably the only hat that she will voluntarily wear. ;)

Hope the sunshine sticks around for the weekend. :)

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DESTINY said...

we are loving the weather too! I have been looking at the pics and am excited to get some. thanks so much!!