Thursday, September 4, 2008

Labor Day

Well, it was a raining Labor Day this year. Kind of sad when Memorial Day and Labor Day, the beginning and the end of summer, are crummy weather days! Oh well. We still had a great time. We pretty much spent the whole day with the Birds! It was nice because we've missed having them around all summer long. We had breakfast over there and Jen whipped up some yummy German Pancakes, bacon, and fresh sliced peaches. I should have brought my camera... it really was quite the spread. :) We hung out until almost lunch and then headed home for naps.

After naps we hit up Fat Cats in Provo for some yummy Costa Vida and bowling. Kanyon and Paityn played right along with us adults and had a great time. I seemed to be having the game of my life with about 6 strikes and a couple spares. I have no idea how that happened, but it was fun! After we tried out the new Yoasis next door for some pure frozen yogurt and were not overly excited but it was good (and healthy for you). Next time we'll go for the real good, unhealthy stuff and just get Baskin Robins acrossed the street. ;)

We went home, got the kids ready for bed and then the Birds came over for a movie night in our basement. Blu-Ray Discs are free retals at Hollywood Video at the moment, so we've been taking advantage. We saw Invisible and it was okay. Paityn is quite the movie watcher and stayed up the whole time! It was a fun ending to a great day with the Bird Family! Thanks for all the fun!

Just a couple of flower shots from the weekend...

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