Saturday, July 19, 2008

Thanks Grandpa and Young Ja!

(day 200 - Friday)

We are back from Chicago and preparing for Kanyon's little 3rd birthday shindig... so I'm hoping to get to the trip pictures soon! (I have SO many... I'm almost dreading going through them all!) In the meantime, here is a picture of Kanyon from today wearing a new outfit from Grandpa and Young Ja... when I let him open the present a couple days early, he insisted on wearing one of the outfits. Here he is jumping in it (his idea, not mine). ;)

I'm a little slow on the computer right now, so bear with me... Steve is trying to convert me to Mac and so I switched out my good old sony vaio desktop just today for the Mac that was in my scrapbooking room. If I'm going to give it a try... might as well make it a good one! :P It has taken me ALL day to just get some of my stuff switched, downloaded, etc to be in full working mode. I'll have to really hate it to go through the effort of switching back. Seriously.

It's late... I need to get to bed...


allison said...

you'll love the mac once you get used to it! i switched a year or so ago and i've never looked back!

Jill said...

LUUUUUUCKY ...... im SLOWLY converting to MAC myself :)

K is SOOOO cute & that outfit is ADORABLE !!!!

Mical said...

Yay! I am glad you are back. I want to know how the trip went! Kanyon is such a cutie. I bet he loved all the attention in Chicago. I have his gift that I am putting in the mail today, so hopefully it makes it in time. :)