Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Kanyon's Birthday Party

Kanyon had been looking forward to his party and for me to make his birthday cake for so long! He couldn't wait for all his friends and family to come. The morning started off a little rough... Scarlett managed to climb up on the table in the kitchen and massacre 3 cupcakes before the party even began! Kanyon was in tears saying that his friends wouldn't come now. ;) After lots of consoling and cleaning up, we were back to getting ready.

Then, the guy came to set up the bounce house about 15 minutes before the party began and something was wrong with the blower, so it wouldn't blow up. We just had to start the party without it and didn't have it working until an hour and a half into the party. Nothing goes perfectly, I guess!

What matters most, is Kanyon had a ball and we enjoyed all our friends and family being there! Here are some pics of the day.

Everyone eating.
Jim manning the grill.
My dad, brother, and Grandpa hanging outside.
It's finally up!

The kids having some fun.
The baseball hat cake and baseball cupcakes held by Steve sporting his cubs shirt just for the party. ;)
Kanyon just dying of embarrassment as everyone sang "happy birthday".
Blowin' out the candles!
Eating cupcakes...

I was just laughing at all these pictures of the kids... it's usually my favorite part of the party because you can never get everyone happily wanting to sit and I find it so hilarious! :)
Especially this one, check out Halle (2nd from the left)!

Opening presents... Kanyon was such a lucky kid and loved everything.

Later, after the kids napped, they took advantage of the bounce house a little longer.

Only one minor injury all day!
After we turned the hose on the kids outside and drenched them (no pics of that, I was too worried about my camera!), here is Kanyon stripped to his undies practicing on his new scooter. (thanks Blake!)
Thanks everyone for such a fun day! :)


Anonymous said...

Looks like a BLAST!!! You are SO talented with Kids parties. Love the cakes!!! Thank for remembering me and sending an invite. I LOVED it. You are FULL of creative ideas.

Lisa B said...

Looks like a super fun party. Love the ones of the kids on the couch. Funny!

allison said...

Looks like such a fun party!

The shots of all the kids on the couch are priceless!

Gina Kolsrud said...

I ditto, the ones of the kids on the couch are a crack up! What a great memory to capture. And the last one of Kanyon in his skivvies on his scooter is so funny!

Lindsey said...

Hi Meghan. I found your blog a while ago from a friend of a friend (and so on) and I love it! Your kids are darling, and you are a fantastic photographer. I was wondering how you got the "water mark" on your photos? Its really cute and a smart idea- is it using photoshop? Anyway, hopefully its ok I read your blog, its very cute!

Lindsey Thompson

Meghan said...

Lindsey - Thank you for your nice compliments! Yes, I use photoshop to apply my watermark. It used to be something as simple as my name and do not copy attached. Anything will work to keep people from taking your photos. :)

Tracey said...

i love that last one! too cute! look at that little budda belly!

Lindsay said...

Wow fun party! I can't believe he's 3!!!

Sandye said...

That looks like a blast!!! I love all of the group shot pics, I kwym, I find it hysterical too! Hee hee. Happy (belated) Birthday Kanyon! :)