Saturday, June 14, 2008

Art City Days

(day 166)
We've been spending some time this week eating carnie food and spending way too much money on ride tickets. We hit up the carnival on Thursday night and met Nate, Meri, and Solee there. Kanyon and Scarlett enjoyed riding the cars with Solee.
Kanyon was back on the train ride this year, but he wasn't so obsessive because this year he wasn't such a scaredy cat and would actually ride other rides. haha :)
Scarlett watching until we realized she could ride most of the rides too. ;) She's not a scaredy cat like Kanyon was.

Steve got Kanyon on this dragon roller coaster and he loved it! Notice Steve teaching him the ways of "roller-coasting it" with the arms raised. ;)
I rode the Ferris Wheel with both kids and they loved it. I think that was Kanyon's favorite because it's the one he couldn't stop talking about.

Today we got to sit through a parade... and it was actually not bad. We didn't have to fight the crowds or set out our chairs the night before or anything. Kanyon and Scarlett loved every moment. I think Kanyon's highlight was the candy throwing. He had quite the pile. Scarlett just sat and "ooh"ed over everything... even the cars driving down the road before the parade started. ;)

We were back at the carnival again this evening after dinner and met the Hanchett's there. Kanyon had a ball with Luke and definitely was trying to keep up with him. Halle just wanted to run with the boys. :) She keeps up pretty well!

I had to include this picture even though it's a little out of focus because this is what Scarlett does when you tell her to give you a kiss... she basically lends her head to you. :) It's pretty cute.
Steve doesn't really look enthused here. ;)
The night ended with fireworks... although our kids were long in bed by then and I just happened to catch a little of it out our back door. Just was playing with some shutter speeds for these. :)

There were some different colors... I just don't know where they went. haha! :)


allison said...

Looks like loads of fun! Glad you're getting in some good family time!

Lillian said...

I went to this carnival last year and it was so fun (my parents and sister live there). I can't believe it's been a whole year already since the last one.