Monday, April 21, 2008

Tulip Festival!

At Thanksgiving Point...
Although, we were informed at the gate that only 25% of the tulips are up right now... (this darn late Spring!) so I may have to go back again when more are in bloom. There was still a lot to see and the kiddos enjoyed the walk as well as the concert going on. :)

I enjoyed a few sun flare shots... can't shoot at this time of day without it! ;)

A cute location... I'm imagining a little girl in a white summer dress in the background there reaching to get out that door, smelling flowers, or picking them. :)
If we do get back here, maybe I'll put Scarlett in a white dress. :) She won't do what I saw in my head, but it's worth a shot!


Anonymous said...

ahhh.....what a breath of fresh air!!!! SPRING IS HERE!!

Hey Meghan,
If we come to Utah this summer...(august) could you take our pics?
Are you guys planning on coming out here for a trip?
If so , I have a GORGEOUS place in mind...

Meghan said...

Lisa - Gotta check with Steve, but he was saying something about going out there in June possibly? He has some business there I think. Either way, though, I'd love to take you guys' pictures! You're all so photogenic, it'd be way fun. (and easy!) :)

Lisa B said...